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Study Tips to Help with Your Online Courses

There are a lot of books, papers and wives tales out there telling you how to improve several things in your collegiate career, whether it's studying or remembering items for a test. I remember reading a few of these books back when I was in college, as well as talking to teachers and fellow students, and found a few tips that really helped me along the way.

1. Repeating things out loud. This may sound silly, but it really least it did for me. If you take a ton of notes, read them out loud to yourself later that day or that evening. Somehow hearing yourself say all the words you wrote down reinforces their positions in your brain, making them easy to recall.

2. This might not apply anymore, since laptops are much more common today, but retyping your notes is another great way to remember things. I used to come home from school and spend an hour or two retyping all the notes from that day, which not only helped me remember things more easily, but also helped me find specific items in my notes quickly as well.

3. Association. We tend to remember things we want to remember more easily than things we find more tedious or boring. This is why, in my own case, I can tell you the crew compliment of the U.S.S. Enterprise ([sigh] yes, each of them), but not when the Louisiana Purchase took place. I therefore tried to associate these items with stuff I found more interesting. For example, I associated the Louisiana Purchase with Jazz music that reminded me of New Orleans, for example.

These are just some basic tips that I found helped me along the way while I was in college. There are dozens, if not hundreds more out there, but take the time to find what works best for you. Good luck!

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