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Online Education Resources to Help You Succeed in Getting your Online Degree

Welcome to the Earn a College Degree resources page, wherein you will find a wide selection of articles, books and other resources dedicated to helping you make the most of your online educational endeavors. We will be constantly building out a selection of relevant books in order to give to you a one-stop shop for relevant educational reading material that we hope you will find useful and informative in your own collegiate career.

While Earn a College Degree strives to help you find the online school that best fits your needs, whether it's Capella or Westwood College, finding the school you plan to attend to get your online degree is just one part of your educational equation. Once you have begun taking classes, there are all sorts of variables that can help determine your success or failure. These include your study habits, your note-taking skills, your lifestyle, and much more.

This is why we hope you will find our resources section so valuable. We will be including relevant literature on how to study for tests, how to improve your note-taking skills, how to achieve a more positive educational attitude and much more. It is our intention not only to help you succeed at the start of your educational career, but to thrive all the way to the end.

We therefore invite you to peruse our included texts on various educational topics. We are sure you will find the information contained within useful, informative, interesting and educational.

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