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A doctorate is the pinnacle of a post-secondary education, taking many years of hard work to achieve. It is, in most countries, the highest level of education one can receive from a university. To get a doctorate, in nearly every case, the student must first acquire their bachelor's and master's degrees in their chosen field of study.

The time requirements for doctorates can vary based on the desired field of study. For example, research doctorates - which are the most widely type of doctorate given out today - can take only a couple of years. A professional doctorate, such as a doctor of medicine, dental medicine or veterinary medicine can take many more years due to the nature of the work involved, and can add up to eight years or more of post-secondary education and training.

Only one school on Earn a College Degree - Capella University - offers online doctorates to their students. These doctorates are research doctorates, since Capella offers them online, it would be impractical to offer professional doctorates as part of an online program. The subjects offered for these online doctorate programs include information technology, criminal justice, health care administration, and various types of psychology, just to name a few.

Whether you're looking for a doctorate to reach the pinnacle of your collegiate education or to further your career, the online doctorate degrees offered here can move your life forward.